I’m just in awe.


I was born, I came out of an animal’s womb

Some small organisms created that big grown thing that I am now

I am living on a planet,

On a kind of sphere somewhere in the middle of God knows what.

Like where the hell am I ?

 I’m in the universe.

 but what the fuck is that ?!

Yes, scientists give us more and more information, facts, but what. the. hell ?


Can someone just stop for a minute.


Just stop for one second. And tell me where the hell I am and what the hell am I ?

I reason, how  lucky am I to be an animal that reasons. And what ? I will die you tell me ? I will disappear from Earth forever and probably never come back ?

And that’s an accepted fact ?


In what kind of surdimensional world am I living in.

What’s the universe,

who am I ?

How fucked up is that !

Like in sci-fi ?


But still we carry on our “normal” lives,

just stop one minute and realise,

please just realise

How fucked up we are.


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