Chosen family

My dearest,


We do not choose our family

But we chose each other,

We are our chosen family.


So wherever we are

Whomever we choose to be with

Wherever we choose to






We are and will always be each other’s family, each other’s chosen family.


That’s something no paper could ever officialize


Only our hearts



So be not afraid: persue your wildest dreams, as big or small as they may be,

Whatever they are


Because whatever will happen,

Whatever we’ll both choose to do or experience in our one shot at life


We’ll be there



Saying “you can do it, I’ve got you”



I am happy I have to live my only life knowing that at every corner, you are there.

Knowing that I have you, knowing that we have each other’s back




Such strong feelings don’t die from death

They are immortal




Yours truly,




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